Why I am a Mormon

“Hey do you speak spanish?!”  Those were the first words that my dad heard from a Mormon missionary and his companion while walking on the streets of Vancouver. My dad had just a few months of arriving to Canada and was desperately looking for a place to live while also working several jobs to sustain our family in Mexico. He felt alone but he wasn’t; Heavenly Father had just sent him a pair of missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and of a spiritual journey. After my whole family arrived in Canada, my dad introduced the church to us and we started to attend the Sunday services. To be honest I wasn’t very interested at first. I was just 12 years-old, I didn’t know English, the weather depressed me, we didn’t have any friends, our income was low and on top of that, I was being bullied at school. However, as I started doing the things the missionaries taught us, such as praying and reading the scriptures, little by little my faith started to grow. I knew that all the struggles that I was going through were temporary and like my dad, I wasn’t alone. Heavenly Father looked out for me and I trusted in Him to help me overcome all the challenges that would come my way. I started to feel so much peace and comfort in my life, and I knew that if I wanted all the blessings and things He promises us in the scriptures, I needed to be baptized. After a few months of investigating, my family got baptized. I had never felt so much happiness like I did that day! I remember waking up the next day and having a strong feeling that I needed to serve a mission.That was almost 8 years ago. Now I’m going to be serving in Peru! I want to share my joy with others, by letting them know God loves them and looks after them, and that we can increase our faith and receive an uncountable amount of blessings if we do his will, and if we shape our lives around the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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